" What happens with the cat's soul after the death? And most of all-what is death? Do we all have to go THERE? "



Teatr Figur Kraków

18 05 2019, 3:00 pm.
Klaipeda Puppet Theatre


Script and directed Mateusz Przyłęcki
Cast Agnieszka Makowska, Dagmara Żabska
Music Andrzej Bonarek
Set Designer Agnieszka Polańska
Light and sound Tomasz Winiarski
Realisators assistance Alla Maslovskaya

Duration 50 mins
Premiere 2013

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They call him Billy Fog. He likes solitude, night, rain, and melancholy. He loves to make mischiefs to his younger sister Jane and sink ants in chocolate saliva. He’s not bad, ‘he just has a character’. And he has a gift-the gift of trouble sight. In the past he had a cat, Tarzan, who was his best friend. And one day – Billy found Tarzan stiffened in the garden.
What happens with the cat’s soul after the death? And most of all-what is death? Do we all have to go THERE?
Shadow show for those who are ten years old (or were in the past), for those who have lost a cat, a hamster or a parrot and those who wish to outsmart death and lock it up in a hermetic jar.
Performance bases on the comic book ‘Billy Fog and trouble sight gift’ by Guillaume Bianco (original title: ‘Billy Brouillard. Trouble Le Don de Vue’) which won an award for best French-speaking comic in Angouleme Festival (2011).

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Teatr Figur Kraków is a touring puppet and shadow theatre. Its mission is to create original and unique spectacles and artistic events, to seek new forms of expression and to look for modernity in the traditional puppet techniques.
TFK performs in its city of origin—Kraków, as well as on different stages and at the most important puppet theatre festivals across the world.
During its ten years activity, TFK has staged 15 original shows, and has successfully (yes, awards!) participated in great many a theatre festivals in Taipei, Seoul, Leipzig, Washington, Moscow and so on.
The TFK team (mugshots below) is mainly interested in: the shadow theatre techniques, theatre paedagogy, social art activism.
TFK branch, called Centre for Theatrical Education, on regular basis holds theatrical workshops specifically tailored for little ones, youngsters and grown-ups.