" The black-and-white style of this poetic elegy by Jan Jedenak made of moitivic minimalist sequences, flashes of light and pictures of the night resembles the surrealist evocation of film being born. It leaves us with eyeflickering fascination. "



Dekolt Handwerk, Jan Jedenak
Sequences interpreting the invisible

16 05 2019, 5:30 pm.
Apeiron Theater


Performance, Set Design, conception Jan Jedenak
artistic Mentoring Florian Feisel
Sound Design Maximilian Leistikow, Jan Jedenak

Duration 20 min.

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This production won 2015 the Fritz-Wortelmannpreis of the German Puppetry Department Fidena and the city of Bochum for the best professional offspring.
Touring history: 19. Int. Figurentheater Festival erlangen, Int. Figurentheater- festival Imaginale, Westflügel Leipzig, Fidena Festival Bochum, Theaterfestival figura Baden, Int. Figurentheaterfestival Blickwechsel Magdeburg, Unidram Potsdam, Jerusalem Puppet Festival

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Dealing with the shortstory “Le Horla” questions came up that opened a field for realising the story by means of object and puppet theatre. What is it exactly that surrounds us? Do we control things, or do things control us? What ever is absent is always there. It creeps into our lives taking us over until we become strangers to ourselves. Maybe we are two in one?