" War is about to begin, / now is the time to become heroes. / But the soldiers are plastic, / the battlefield a table / and home is just a distant image on a screen. / In a combat with no clear enemy or goal, / the border between reality and fantasy blurs: / is this really happening, or is it all just a game? "



Ariel Doron
Object theatre show for adults

Created and performed by Ariel Doron
Artistic consultant Shahar Marom
Co-Directors Rotem Elroy and David Lockard
Objects manufacture Chinese People
Video Anael Resnick, Ariel Doron
Premiere August 2015
Duration 45 mins.
* The show was produced with the support of Hanut 31 Theatre
* The show presented in the festival with the support of Embassy of Israel in Lithuania

Tickets at TIKETA

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Plastic Heroes is a surprising, funny and fast paced collage of images from war, made entirely of ‘ready made’ children’s toys, mainly those of soldiers, weapons and war, and incorporates use of ipads, iphones and video.
Violence, desire, sex, hate and fear are put on the table as the so called ‘naïve’ children toys are brought to life, and the innocence of child’s play encounters the bleeding reality of adult war.
Combining a variety of object manipulation techniques, video and acting Plastic Heroes manages to be funny and painful at the same time, and to deal with hard issues while giving the audience a wild and refreshing puppetry experience.

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Ariel Doron has been playing with puppets from the age of 12, and in recent years has been invited with his shows Plastic Heroes and Pinhas to festivals and theatres in over 20 different countries worldwide. He also animates puppets for television and theatre (such as Elmo in Israeli Sesame Street), gives workshops and directs puppetry productions worldwide.
He studied cinema at Tel Aviv University, took puppetry classes and workshops in the school of Visual Theatre, Jerusalem and L’Institut International de la Marionnette, Charleville-Mezieres, France.

27th May, 6 pm.
Klaipėda Castle Museum