" A play with a few words combining puppetry, object theater, textiles and music. "



Train Theatre
Puppet, objects, textiles and music performance for the whole family

Adaptation, design, music and manipulation Ornan Braier
Artistic supervision Marit Benisrael
Costume and fabric design Vali Mintzi
Puppet design Sharon Silver-Merrett
Lighting design Shahar Maron
Mechanical constructions Shaul Mograbi-Berger, Ornan Braier
Photo Dor Kedmi
Duration 40 minutes
Premiere August 2013
*Presentation of the show in Lithuania supported by Embassy of Israel in Lithuania

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On a morning just like any other, a little tailor gets a note. It reads: “Your mission is to sew a coat by midnight. The size does not matter, but it must fit perfectly…” At precisely midnight the tailor completes his mission, but then… Where is the sewing machine running off to? Why are the scissors wearing a skirt? What has the thimble turned into? Come join in the magical adventure of the tailor.
A play with a few words combining puppetry, object theater, textiles and music.

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The Train Theatre was established in Jerusalem in 1981 and became a creative and inspirational source of puppetry in Israel.
The Train Theater aims to promote and develop the field of Puppet Theater in Israel for young audience, emphasizing the artistic quality of the field and its productions. The Train Theater repertoire is based on visual theater, aimed to children from ages 2-12 and the whole family. The productions are rich in visual artistry.
The Train Theater believes that the boundaries of puppetry can change and that the various structural elements, such as space, puppet, object and the puppeteer can have an expanded role.
In addition, the Train Theater believes in artistic freedom and imagination for all artists working within its framework.

27th May, 12 pm.
Klaipėda Drama Theatre, Small Hall