" The world is full of strangest things. But only for those who notice them. "



Klaipeda Puppet Theatre
Performance for children based on ‘Moominpappa at Sea’ by Tove Jansson

Created by Gintarė Radvilavičiūtė, Renata Kutaitė, Monika Mikalauskaitė, Vytautas Leistrumas, Tomas Mikalauskas, Karolis Vaičiulis

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Light and a cello. Shadow and a cello. Reflection and a cello. These are the means to tell the story about a family who decides to leave their native valley and sets on a journey to Father’s Island. Having settled in different environment, they try to start a new life.
Everything is happening beyond reality, it is a dream or a fantasy where light and slow motion reminds you of walking in the sand. The father is happy as if he had all the island in his huge hands. This island is an entire world which is not at all too big. The world is full of strangest things. But only for those who notice them.
It is a story about a father. What is his role in the family? How is he? What is he doing? What is he dreaming of? It is said that it is the mother who keeps all the corners of the house. And what about father? Well, he keeps the entire sea in his hands…
Our intention was to tell the story about the father and his world through the means of light, shadow, reflection, and music. Or maybe even not to tell, but to feel.
This show is for all the children from 4 years old to the infinity and above. For all those souls who are able to notice strange things, to have feelings. For those who were used to sitting cosy in a corner of the room observing the darkness and the light making shadows dance.
Why cello? People say its music heals the wounds.

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Klaipeda Puppet Theatre is one of the youngest up-and-coming puppet theatres in Lithuania, constantly in search of new means of theatrical expression in the language of puppetry. It is a contemporary, refined, representative theatre that is interesting for both children and the adult viewers.
Klaipeda Puppet Theatre’s mission is to introduce the conventional and unconventional art of puppetry to the children and youth from Klaipeda and Klaipeda Region; to educate them intellectually and culturally; to shape the value system of children and youth.
Public institution Klaipeda Puppet Theatre is the only professional, repertoire puppet theatre in Western Lithuania which carries out its activities in the framework of the annual programme and the strategic Klaipeda Puppet Theatre plan.
„If one had to choose a cultural institution that puts the most work into educating the youngest generation, Klaipeda Puppet Theatre would be at the top of the list, with its increasing offer of plays and initiatives aimed at the youngest audiences,“ writes theatrologist Gitana Gugevičiūtė.
Theatre experts name Klaipeda Puppet Theatre as one of the strongest, most ambitious puppet theaters in our country. By performing regularly for children, organising various educational projects, our theatre fills an important niche in Klaipeda – its brings theatre to the young, as well as adult, audiences.

26th May, 11 am., 12 pm.
Klaipėda Puppet Theatre