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Klaipėda Puppet Theatre I Lithuania, Israel

2021-08-08 | 14:00-14:50 | Klaipėda Puppet Theatre | 7+

The Big Bang spectators will be carried back to the very beginning of the Universe that followed the Big Bang. After that many planets appeared – one of those planets is the place where this performance takes place. In this world of progressive society, big cities and different cultures we follow the life of a tiny robot and his dog until one day a great danger occurs: it starts raining. How will this world of metal and electric gadgets react to water? Will the water destroy it? What will happen to the robot and his dog during this tragedy of climate change? At this precise moment humanity faces two questions: not only ‘how did life begin?’ but also – ‘how will it end?’

The Big Bang is a co-production of Klaipėda Puppet Theatre (Lithuania) and Itim Ensemble (Israel). Klaipėda Puppet Theatre is a modern repertoire puppet theatre famous for its unique contemporary performances and projects for children, teenagers and adults. According to theatre theorists, Klaipėda Puppet Theatre is one of the most noticeable and ambitious puppet theatres in Lithuania.
The mission of Zvi Sahar theatre is a synergy of theatre and cinematography: during his performances tiny puppets are being filmed and projected on a screen. The puppets and other theatrical aspects create the live energy of the here and now; the camera, which actively participates in the dramatic events, enriches the world of the puppets by revealing new angles, perspectives and visuals in a way not possible in conventional theater or storytelling.

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2021 08 08


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