International Puppet Theatre Festival MATERIA MAGICA

16–19 05 2019 Klaipeda


Image is not everything – not even at the puppet theatre

On May 16–19 Klaipeda Puppet Theatre will invite everyone to an annual festival Materia Magica. Materia Magica is an international puppet theatre festival which was established in 1997 and at first was called by a different name – Karakumų asilėlis. In 2017 it changed its name, significantly grew in size and continued leading spectators into the visual multi-shaped world of puppet theatre with even more passion and devotion. This year we will all come together for the 10th time.

Puppet theatre in Lithuania is still somewhat unpopular among adults. Perhaps this unfair bias is caused by a false belief that puppets are only meant for children. Although traditional puppets, the ones we immediately picture after hearing the word, are only one type among a vast variety of others. In fact, puppet theatre begins when puppets or objects disappear from stage – it’s a miracle, when spectators start believing, when they don’t look, but see a new different world emerging before their eyes here and now, when details seen on stage fill with images and associations, gain weight and volume, when inanimate becomes animate.

That’s when puppet theatre happens.

Every year festival hosts aim to demonstrate the possibilities of puppet theatre and to prove how vast, contrary to a popular belief, its audience is. Puppet theatre speaking to the audience through puppets and objects can be relevant not only to children, but to everyone – toddlers, teenagers, adults and seniors. Geographical, thematic and genre variety-based festival program will not only present famous works of foreign authors and reveal the possibilities of puppet theatre, but also bring up relevant personal and social issues, open discussions and raise doubts and questions. Plays shown during the festival will analyze what it means to lose one of the basic senses – eyesight; how deaf and mute people can hear music; how individual can resist the herd instinct; how in our search for new paths and challenges we just try to escape from ourselves.

During four days of the festival spectators will be able to enjoy thirteen various plays from the Netherlands, Israel, Greece, Germany, Poland etc. The program will include performances for children from 3 to 10 years of age, teenagers and adults, as well as free puppet animation showings for children and adults. Moreover, creative workshops will take place. Festival program can be found at Klaipėda puppet and drama theatres, as well as at Kultūros fabrikas.

At the age of easily accessible visual media image is not everything – we seek to prove it by inviting you to see what lies beyond the faculty of sight.

Come and see for yourself.

Festival organiser

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