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Breathing is a basic human right and condition for existence. We ourselves and everything around us breathe. In a puppet theatre a puppet breathes in the hands of a puppeteer. The magic of the puppet theatre begins with a first quiver of a diaphragm. Without breathing everything stops, ends and dies. During the pandemic the puppet theatre was not a priority, it was left behind closed doors, struggling and learning to catch a gulp of air, fearing to suffocate. It has forced us to re-evaluate the very existence of the theatre and the artist in it. So what are the options for an artist to breathe in a modern world? What is oxygen, what does it mean to inhale and to exhale? As a puppeteer makes a puppet talk and discuss various topics, this festival wants to present puppeteers, professional puppet and object theatre artists as well as interdisciplinary creators and troupes who in these conditions that obstruct breathing have found ways to inhale.

Materia Magica


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Materia Magica