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In times of global pandemic paralysing the whole world and making it play by the new rules, the only chance for survival is to adapt and to find new different ways of life and expression. We are glad that each day there are more and more various means helping us to return to our former lives with all our old habits. We can now finally exhale with a little bit more hope. Although, no matter how much we want it, it’s almost impossible to persuade ourselves that all of this was just a dream: pandemic has left some of us with an unbearable pain of loss, devastating consequences and damages, others – with discoveries, spiritual changes and reappraised values. For some it was a period of inspiration, for others – just emptiness, but for all of us it was time when breathing has gained crucial importance.

Breathing is a basic human right and condition for existence. We ourselves and everything around us breathe. In a puppet theatre a puppet breathes in the hands of a puppeteer. The magic of the puppet theatre begins with a first quiver of a diaphragm. Without breathing everything stops, ends and dies. During the pandemic the puppet theatre was not a priority, it was left behind closed doors, struggling and learning to catch a gulp of air, fearing to suffocate. It has forced us to re-evaluate the very existence of the theatre and the artist in it. So what are the options for an artist to breathe in a modern world? What is oxygen, what does it mean to inhale and to exhale? As a puppeteer makes a puppet talk and discuss various topics, this festival wants to present puppeteers, professional puppet and object theatre artists as well as interdisciplinary creators and troupes who in these conditions that obstruct breathing have found ways to inhale.

In attempt to reflect on a topic of breathing and inspiration we will invite the spectators to enjoy a touching story of two sisters about love that conquers any illness: a world, stricken with pandemic, where breathing – simply inhaling and exhaling – gains existential meaning. We will also encourage our guests to experience the rhythms – to take a close look at bug in the grass, listen to the wash of the waves, to enjoy their feet drowning in a soft moss and most of all, to feel the unconditional love of Mother Nature while lying under tall trees. We will encourage the participants to use their senses to hear and experience a story of a meadow and its inhabitants; to see a modern adaptation of Pygmalion myth – an ancient myth about a sculptor Pygmalion, who falls in love with his own creation, will come to life in light of the modern age, by changing a sculpture with an AI robot. We will also offer the spectators to see the changing city during the war through the eyes of a little girl. Video projections will teleport us to the very centre of a story about war that is luckily happening somewhere else. Or maybe not?

Guests and residents of Klaipėda will be presented with eleven performances from Latvia, Poland, France, Germany, Slovenia and Lithuania; puppet and object theatre installation; Puppet animation film programmes for children and adults; a programme of various engaging educational programmes for the whole family.

Let’s talk about breathing in all its forms, in every volume, on every level, as well as about a wonderful game-changing gulp of air.

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