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Wilde & Vogel Germany, Golden Delicious | Germany, Israel, France

2023-05-05 | 14:00-15:20 | Klaipeda Culture Factory Multifunctional Hall | 16+

“I’ve called my mother last week to announce her she will appear in the new piece ‘Dust’ we are creating in Leipzig. It’s frightening to create involving family stories. Furthermore, when the stories are not just my own family, not just Ari’s, but also of Michael and Charlotte. Our grandparents could, theoretically, have met somewhere in Europe back then but happily or unfortunately they didn’t.”, published on Social Media by Inbal Yomtovian on 14 September 2018.

How did I become what I am, who are the others, and how can we connect? Four artists from different forms of creative expression come together to tell stories. Starting with personal memories, family stories and dreams they highlight moments which we all share but also moments which isolate us. Puppet and object theatre, movement and storytelling are accompanied and penetrated by music and merge in singing. In this evening of theatre time and space are suspended, Big Bangs and black holes of our private and collective history are connected to face the present.

ATTENTION: the performance will be held in English without translation into Lithuanian (a text in Lithuanian with a description of the plot will be distributed before the performance)

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2023 05 05
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